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India Garden


A place where you meet traditional Indian Flavors

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We serve the food you love

At India Garden, we are all about the finest Indian cuisine and friendly vibes. We started with an aim to reunite Indian foodies with the flavors they’ve grown up with and introduce the authenticity of Indian food in a foreign land. Our food is prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients to give our guests a homely feel. By putting our heart into cooking, we ensure you miss your home a little less than ever. We serve Indian food with an attitude to celebrating the diversity of cultures. You’ll get the flavors of mouth-watering street food, restaurant-style delicacies, and satisfying home-style Indian dishes in one place. The best part about our menu is that it perfectly caters to the diverse needs of our guests, whether non-veg or vegetarian food. Our dishes are infused with hand-ground spices, herbs, and lots of Indianness. Starting from quick bites to rice-based dishes, classic recipes, and a variety of Indian bread; we take care of our guests’ choices in the best possible manner. By using only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, we cook them their next delicious and meal prepared by our experienced chefs. We are proud to host our guests who come to experience never-known-before Indian flavors with a menu to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Our menu caters to all tastes and palates, whether you come for dine-in or takeout food, it is sure to please the whole family. You’ll get an incredible taste of India’s diverse cuisine that’ll leave you oscillating among the sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. We don’t just serve finger-licking food but also make happy faces. At this Indian restaurant, we strive to provide our customers with unforgettable flavors as well as the satisfaction that one gets after having a good meal in a cozy environment. India Garden is the perfect setting to indulge yourself in our variety of appetizers, entrees, made-to-order curries and biryani dishes. Stop by today for some leading-edge cuisine!

We offer Indian food for gastronomes like you.

At this authentic North Indian restaurant, we offer sensational Indian dishes that have been passed down to generations. We hold up the tradition by keeping our recipes untouched and homely yet incredibly delicious with age-old cooking techniques. Our menu consisted of fresh and authentic ingredients that help us stay true to India.


Let this be your next hangout place

We offer an Indian food place for you and your family to hang out and make great memories while enjoying fiery Indian dishes. You can host your personal events and parties comfortably at our venue with an exquisite array of Indian meals, refreshing drinks, and fancy decor. We take care of the arrangements while you celebrate and make your special day even more special.

Customer Reviews



Really excellent Indian food in downtown Pleasanton! Came and had all my staples and everything tasted excellent!

Priyanka Chavan

we have been to this place at least two times, they have really good North Indian Punjabi food. Everything is delicious and the service is quick. I think this is family owned everyone is warm and we plan to visit again soon!

Mike F

The best Indian restaurant I've been to in the states. I find most others under-seasoned and never spicy enough even when I ask for it to be as spicy as possible. Indian Garden didn't disappoint. The chicken vindaloo (extra spicy) and the goat curry were incredible. I would highly recommend it and will definitely be back